Wilson Bros.

Another Night (ATCO 1979)

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Producer: Kyle Lehning

Drums: Kenneth Buttrey
Bass: Jack Williams, Bob Wray
Keyboards: Shane Keister, Kelly Wilson
Guitars: Jon Goin, Steve Lukather, Steve Gibson, Steve Wilson, Kelly Wilson
Sax: Earnie Watts, Billy Puett
Trumpet: Don Shefield
Trombone: Dennis Good
Lead Vocals: Steve Wilson, Kelly Wilson
Background Vocals: Sherri Kramer, Diane Tidwell, Lisa Silver, Donna Sheridon, Denny Henson

   1. Feeling Like We're Strangers Again
   2. Another Night
   3. Thanking Heaven
   4. Shadows
   5. Just Like A Lover Knows
   6. Lost And A Long Way From Home
   7. Can We Still Be Friends
   8. Ticket To My Heart
   9. Take Me To Your Heaven
  10. Like Yesterday