Ben Sidran


Feel Your Groove (Capitol 1971)
I Lead A Life (Blue Thumb 1972)
Puttin' In Time On Planet Earth (Blue Thumb 1973)
Don't Let Go (Blue Thumb 1974)
Free In America (Arista 1976)
The Doctor Is In (Arista 1977)
A Little Kiss In The Night (Arista 1978)
The Cat And The Hat (Horizon 1979)
Old Songs For The New Depression (Antilles 1981)
Bop City (Antilles 1983)
Lover Man (CBS 1984)
On The Cool Side (Magenta 1985)
On The Live Side (Magenta 1986)
Spread Your Wings And Fly Now (Little Orange Blue (1987) with Clementine
Too Hot To Touch (Windham Hill 1988)
Cool Paradise  (Go Jazz 1990)
Mr. P's Shuffle (Go Jazz 1996)
Nick's Bump (Nardis 2003)
Don't Cry For No Hipster (Nardis 2012)
Picture Him Happy (Nardis 2017)