Bob & Pauline Wilson

Somebody Loves You (Myrth 1981)

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Producer: Bob Wilson

Drums: Bob Wilson
Guitars: Bud Nuanez, Kevin Clark
Bass: Kevin Clark, Ken Wild
Keyboards: Larry Williams, Bob Wilson
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Bob Wilson
Sax, Flute: Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft
Trumpet Flugel Horn: Jerry Hey
Trombone: Bill Reichenbach
Lead Vocal: Pauline Wilson
Background Vocals: Kevin Clark, Mark Vieha, Edie Lehman, John Bahler, Bob Wilson

1. I'll keep my eyes on Jesus
   2. With love in your eyes
   3. Joyful melody
   4. Vision: power and glory
   5. You can't hide
   6. Somebody loves you
   7. Lullabye of love
   8. In the spirit
   9. Jesus is my Lord