Dara Sedaka

I'm Your Girl Friend (Canyon Records 1982)

sedaka (7710 byte)

Producer: David Foster

Drums: Mike Baird
Percussion. Paul Lari
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Guitars: Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon
Keyboards: David Foster
Synthesizer: Steve Porcaro, Kitaro
Sax: Gary Herbig
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, Clif Newton, Bryan Adams

1. Huggin'
    2. Just say I love you
    3. The real me
    4. Keep me in love with you
    5. Goodbye
    6. I'm your girl friend
    7. Someday
    8. Try see it my way
    9. Angel queen