Dionne Warwick

Discografia (1977-1995)

Love at First Sight (Warner Bros. 1977)
Dionne (Arista 1979)
No Night So Long (Arista 1980)
Friends in Love (Arista 1982)
Heartbreaker (Arista 1982)
How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (Arista 1983)
Finder of Lost Loves (Arista 1985)
Friends (Arista 1985)
Reservations for Two (Arista 1987)
Greatest Hits 1979-1990 (Arista 1989) antologia con inediti
Sings Cole Porter (Arista 1990)
Friends Can Be Lovers (Arista 1993)
Aquarela do Brazil (Arista 1995)