In questa pagina vengono riepilogati i samples dei brani che si possono ascoltare in mp3. Gli stessi brani li potete trovare nelle schede dedicate ad ogni artista. Sono presenti anche, solo in questo elenco, alcune canzoni uscite come singolo e mai comparse su LP. (Es: Paul Anka, Marc Jordan). Buon ascolto.

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Greg Adams
Hold on from Greg Adams (1977)
Come runnin' from Greg Adams (1977)
Leave me (the way you found me) from Runaway Dreams (1979)
Need to be right from Runaway Dreams (1979)

Nothin' you can do about it from Airplay (1980)
Should we carry on from Airplay (1980)
She waits for me from Airplay (1980)

Oh Lori from Alessi (1976)
Joanna from Alessi (1976)
Love to have your love from All For A Reason (1977)
All for a reason from All For A Reason (1977)
Dancing in the halls of love from Driftin' (1978)
Driftin' from Driftin' (1978)
Words and music from Words and Music (1979)
I wish that I was making love from Words and Music (1979)
Jagged edge from Long Time Friends (1982)
You got the way from Long Time Friends (1982)

Laura Allan
Opening up to you from Laura Allan (1978)
Come as you are from Laura Allan (1978)

Peter Allen
One step over the borderline from Bi-Coastal (1980)
Fly away from Bi-Coastal (1980)
You'll always get your way from Not The Boy Next Door (1983)
Somebody's got your love from Not The Boy Next Door (1983)
Tonight you made my day from Making Every Moment Count (1990)
Why not? from Making Every Moment Count (1990)

How much I feel from Life Beyond L.A. (1978)
You're the only woman from One Eighty (1980)
Biggest part of me from One Eighty (1980)

Three roses from America (1971)
A horse with no name from America (1971)
Ventura highway from Homecoming (1972)
Only in your heart from Homecoming (1972)
Muskrat love from Hat Trick (1973)
Rainbow song from Hat Trick (1973)
Tin man from Holiday (1974)
Lonely people from Holiday (1974)
Daisy Jane from Hearts (1975)
Sister golden hair from Hearts (1975)
Amber cascades from Hideaway (1976)
Today's the day from Hideaway (1976)
God of the sun from Harbor (1977)
Political poachers from Harbor (1977)
All around from Silent Letter (1979)
All my life from Silent Letter (1979)
Survival from Alibi (1980)
Catch that train from Alibi (1980)
You can do magic from View from the Ground (1982)

American Flyer
Back in '57 from American Flyer (1976)
Let me down easy from American Flyer (1976)
Spirit of a woman from Spirit of a Woman (1977)
Flyer from Spirit of a Woman (1977)

Maxi Anderson
Lover to lover from Maxi (1977)
Glory, glory from Maxi (1977)

Paul Anka
Never gonna fall in love again from The Painter (1976)
Dannon from The Music Man (1977)
Slowdown from The Music Man (1977)
Everything is super now from Japanese United Artists single (1977)
I'm by myself again from Listen to Your Heart (1978)
Love me lady from Listen to Your Heart (1978)
Together again from Headlines (1979)
Life song from Headlines (1979)
Hold me 'til the mornin' comes from Walk a Fine Line (1983)
Walk a fine line from Walk a Fine Line (1983)

The days of you and me from Angelo (1976)
It don't matter from Angelo (1976)
Changing man from Midnight Prowl (1978)
As I see you now from Midnight Prowl (1978)

Reneé Armand
Does anybody love you? from The Rain Book (1972)
Raining in L.A. from The Rain Book (1972)
The morning after from the movie The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
Love on a shoestring from In Time (1978)
(We're) Dancin' in the dark from In Time (1978)
Indian brown from In Time (1978)

Ain't love enough from Attitudes (1976)
Lend a hand from Attitudes (1976)
Change from Good News (1977)
Promise me the moon from Good News (1977)

Average White Band
Put it where you want it from Show Your Hand (1973)
Show your hand from Show Your Hand (1973)
Pick up the pieces from Average White Band (1974)
Nothing you can do from Average White Band (1974)
Keepin' it to myself from Average White Band (1974)
If I ever lose this heaven from Cut The Cake (1975)
Why from Cut The Cake (1975)
A love of your own from Soul Searching (1976)
Queen of my soul from Soul Searching (1976)
Someday we'll all be free from Benny and Us (1977)
She's a dream from Warmer Communications (1978)
One look over my shoulder from Warmer Communications (1978)
When will you be mine from Feel No Fret (1979)
Atlantic avenue from Feel No Fret (1979)
Too late to cry from Feel No Fret (1979)
Love won't get in the way from Volume VIII (1980)
Love gives, love takes away from Volume VIII (1980)
Our time has come from Shine (1980)
If love only lasts for one night from Shine (1980)
Shine from Shine (1980)
You're my number one from Cupid's in Fashion (1982)
Is it love that you're running from from Cupid's in Fashion (1982)
Isn't it strange from Cupid's in Fashion (1982)
Let's go all the way from Aftershock (1988)
Back to basics from Soul Tatoo (1996)
Livin' on borrowed time from Soul Tatoo (1996)
When we get down to it from Soul Tatoo (1996)
Check your groove from Living in Colour (2003)
I can't help it from Living in Colour (2003)


Bob Bailey
New hope from Looking Forward (1981)
Did you know? from Looking Forward (1981)
Use me from I'm Walkin' (1983)
I can do all things from I'm Walkin' (1983)
Since I met Jesus from I'm Walkin' (1983)

David Batteau
Happy in Hollywood from Happy in Hollywood (1976)
Walk in love from Happy in Hollywood (1976)
You need love from Happy in Hollywood (1976)

Tell her she's lovely from Batteaux (1974)
Wake me in the morning from Batteaux (1974)
High tide from Batteaux (1974)

The Bee's Knees
Child is father to the man from The Bee's Knees (1978)
Drifter from The Bee's Knees (1978)
Winnin' and losin' from Pure Honey (1979)
Rainy night in Georgia from Pure Honey (1979)
You and I from Pure Honey (1979)

Wayne Berry
Another's lifetime from Home At Last (1974)
Snowbound from Home At Last (1974)

Stephen Bishop
On and on from Careless (1976)
Save it for a rainy day from Careless (1976)
Everybody needs love from Bish (1978)
A fool at heart from Bish (1978)
I've never know a nite like this from Bish (1978)
Send a little love my way from Red Cab to Manhattan (1980)
Red cab to Manhattan from Red Cab to Manhattan (1980)

Karen Blake
Anything at all from Just One Heart (1984)
I'll shine my light on you from Just One Heart (1984)

Frankie Bleu
Moses Theme from The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979) movie soundtrack
Just for you (Suzanne's song) from Who's Foolin' Who? (1982)
Where would I be now from Who's Foolin' Who? (1982)
Take your time (Vanessa's song) from Who's Foolin' Who? (1982)

Rick Bowles
Too good to turn back now from Free for the Evening (1982)
Your loss from Free for the Evening (1982)
In The Meantime from No Man's Land (1984)
Who's That Look In Your Eye from No Man's Land (1984)

Terence Boylan
Don't hang up those dancing shoes from Terence Boylan (1977)
Rain king from Terence Boylan (1977)
Did she finally get to you from Suzy (1980)
Tell me from Suzy (1980)

The Boys Band
Think about it from The Boys Band (1982)
Taking it all in stride from The Boys Band (1982)

Dee Dee Bridgewater
Maybe today from Just Family (1978)
Open your eyes from Just Family (1978)
Back of your mind from Bad for Me (1979)
Love won't let go from Bad for Me (1979)
It's the falling in love from Bad for Me (1979)

Severin Browne
Stay from Severin Browne (1973)
Sister from Severin Browne (1973)
There's a lot to be sad from Severin Browne (1973)
Love notes from Denver from New Improved (1974)
More dreams in the sea from New Improved (1974)

Lightning lady from BrownSmith (1975)
Circus ride from BrownSmith (1975)
Gold and mellow from BrownSmith (1975)

Bugatti & Musker
Mystery girl from The Dukes (1982)
So much in love from The Dukes (1982)

Robert Byrne
Blame it on the night from Blame It On The Night (1979)
That didn't hurt too bad from Blame It On The Night (1979)
Never gonna stop lovin' you from An Eye for an Eye (1981)
Keep on running from An Eye for an Eye (1981)


Cafè Olè
Nights like this from Olè (1981)
Mystery from Olè (1981)
Casual flirtation from Olè (1981)

Marie Cain
Easy words from Living Alone (1976)
The prettiest face from Living Alone (1976)
I'll play the music from Living Alone (1976)
Living alone from Living Alone (1976)

Jorge Calderon
Kiss and run from City Music (1975)
All the faces from City Music (1975)

Bobby Caldwell
Special to me from Bobby Caldwell (1978)
What you won't do for love from Bobby Caldwell (1978)
Take me back to then from Bobby Caldwell (1978)
Coming down from love from Cat In The Hat (1980)
Wrong or right from Cat In The Hat (1980)
All of my love from Carry On (1982)
Loving you from Carry On (1982)

Bill Cantos
Always remember from The Bill Cantos Project (1992)
Beautiful one from Who Are You (1995)
Cool drink of water from Who Are You (1995)
You can't go back (but you can go on) from Movie In The Night Sky (2000)
Sweet and lovely / Lady be good from Movie In The Night Sky (2000)
A little bit of help from Love Wins (2006)
Forgive me in advance from Love Wins (2006)

Keith Carradine
Honey won't you let me be your friend from I'm Easy (1976)
Raining in the city from I'm Easy (1976)
Love conquers nothing from Lost and Found (1978)
Smile again, laugh again from Lost and Found (1978)

Valerie Carter
Ooh child from Just a Stone's Throw Away (1977)
So, so, happy from Just a Stone's Throw Away (1977)
Da doo rendezvous from Wild Child (1978)
Trying to get to you from Wild Child (1978)

Felix Cavaliere
Everlasting love from Felix Cavaliere (1974)
Future train from Felix Cavaliere (1974)
Never felt love before from Destiny (1975)
Can't stop loving you from Destiny (1975)
Good to have love back from Castle In The Air (1979)
Only a lonely heart sees from Castle In The Air (1979)
Love is the first day of spring from Castle In The Air (1979)
Trust your heart from Dreams In Motion (1994)
Stay in love from Dreams In Motion (1994)
Look who's alone tonight from Dreams In Motion (1994)

Archie James Cavanaugh
Take it easy from Black and White Raven (1980)
Make me believe from Black and White Raven (1980)
It's your love from Black and White Raven (1980)

Bill Champlin
What good is love from Single (1978)
Elayne from Single (1978)
Take it uptown from Runaway (1981)
Gotta get back to love from Runaway (1981)

Kerry Chater
Beginning of the end from Part Time Love (1977)
Breaking up (is gonna breake me down) from Part Time Love (1977)
Well on my way to loving you from Love on a Shoestring (1978)
Quicksilver from Love on a Shoestring (1978)
Leave well enough alone from Love on a Shoestring (1978)

Joe Chemay Band
Bad enough from The Riper The Finer (1981)
Proud from The Riper The Finer (1981)

Runnin' around from China (1981)
Never gonna let you go from China (1981)
Roll me over from China (1981)

Chris Christian
I don't believe you from Chris Christian (1981)
What can there be from Chris Christian (1981)

Chunky, Novi & Ernie
Can't get away from you from Chunky, Novi & Ernie (1977)
Didn't wanna hurt cha for another guy from Chunky, Novi & Ernie (1977)

Jamie from Claudia (1981)
Back again from Claudia (1981)
There you go again from Claudia (1981)

Jeffrey Comanor
My old lady and your old man from A Rumor In His Own Time (1976)
You'd be surprised from A Rumor In His Own Time (1976)
Last song from A Rumor In His Own Time (1976)

Tommy Coomes
Love is the key from Love Is The Key (1981)
I owe everything to you from Love Is The Key (1981)
The pleasure's mine from Love Is The Key (1981)

Cooper & Ross
Hold on from Bottom Line (1982)
You're the one from Bottom Line (1982)
Only the lonely from Bottom Line (1982)

Googie and Tom Coppola
Shine the light of love from Shine The Light Of Love (1980)
Nothing in this world from Shine The Light Of Love (1980)
Let the river flow from Shine The Light Of Love (1980)

Jerry Corbetta
Sensitive soul from Jerry Corbetta (1978)
Carribean lady from Jerry Corbetta (1978)

Burton Cummings
I'm scared from Burton Cummings (1976)
Is it really right from Burton Cummings (1976)
Got to find another way from My Own Way To Rock (1977)
Break it to them gently from Dream Of A Child (1978)
It all comes together from Dream Of A Child (1978)
One and only from Woman Love (1980)
Where are you from Woman Love (1980)
Someone to lean on from Sweet Sweet (1981)
Firefly from Sweet Sweet (1981)

Gino Cunico
She's sweet, she's somebody from Gino Cunico (1974)
Melanie from Gino Cunico (1974)
Daydreamer from Gino Cunico (1976)
Can't hold on any longer from Gino Cunico (1976)
Don't get around much anymore from Gino Cunico (1976)


Paulinho Da Costa
Déjà vu from Happy People (1979)
Seeing is believing from Happy People (1979)
Happy people from Happy People (1979)
You came into my life from Sunrise (1984)
My love from Sunrise (1984)

Patti Dahlstrom
The way I am from The Way I Am (1973)
Emotion from The Way I Am (1973)
Used to be in love with love from Your Place or Mine (1975)
When it comes to you from Your Place or Mine (1975)
Good to be alive from Your Place or Mine (1975)
He was a writer from Livin' It Thru (1976)
Without love from Livin' It Thru (1976)
Fool's gold from Livin' It Thru (1976)

Dalton & Dubarri
There is love in everybody from Choice (1979)
Caught in the act from Choice (1979)
How I hate the nightime from Choice (1979)

Ron Dante
Show and tell from Street Angel (1981)
I can't stop from Street Angel (1981)
Makin' up from Street Angel (1981)

Deardorff and Joseph
We'll never have to say goodbye again from Deardorff and Joseph (1976)
Golden road from Deardorff and Joseph (1976)
Lovely lady from Deardorff and Joseph (1976)

Kiki Dee
One step from Stay with Me (1978)
Talk to me from Stay with Me (1978)

Denne and Gold
Let's put our love back together from Denne and Gold (1978)
Don't go away (and take your love out of town) from Denne and Gold (1978)

Ned Doheny
I know sorrow from Ned Doheny (1973)
Trust me from Ned Doheny (1973)
Get it up for love from Hard Candy (1976)
Each time you pray from Hard Candy (1976)
Think like a lover from Prone (1978)
The devil in you from Prone (1978)
Whatcha gonna do for me ? from Life After Romance (1988)
Follow your heart from Life After Romance (1988)
Touched by love from Love Like Ours (1991)
True survivor from Love Like Ours (1991)

Dane Donohue
Freedom from Dane Donohue (1978)
Whatever happened from Dane Donohue (1978)

Roby Duke
Love is here to stay from Not The Same (1982)
Time to stand from Not The Same (1982)
Seasons of change from Not The Same (1982)
Come let us reason from Come Let Us Reason (1984)
All lost from Come Let Us Reason (1984)

Lesley Duncan
I can see where I'm going from Moon Bathing (1975)
Heaven knows from Moon Bathing (1975)
Pick up the phone from Moon Bathing (1975)
Jumped right in the river from Moon Bathing (1975)

Robbie Dupree
I'm no stranger from Robbie Dupree (1980)
Hot rod hearts from Robbie Dupree (1980)
Nobody else from Robbie Dupree (1980)
I'll be the fool again from Street Corner Heroes (1981)
Are you ready for love? from Street Corner Heroes (1981)
Saturday night from Street Corner Heroes (1981)


Steve Eaton
Something about her from Hey Mr. Dreamer (1974)
All you get from love is a love song from Hey Mr. Dreamer (1974)
Got me moanin' from Steve Eaton (1979)
All in love say "I" from Steve Eaton (1979)
Hurricanes and tornados from Steve Eaton (1979)

Brian Elliot
Queen of clowns from Brian Elliot (1978)
Room to grow from Brian Elliot (1978)

The Entertainers
Hot on a thang from The Entertainers (1983)
I won't cry anymore from The Entertainers (1983)
What are we gonna do from The Entertainers (1983)
Let's make love from Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold (1987)
Do you like it baby from Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold (1987)
Honest emotion from Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold (1987)


The Fabulous Rhinestones
Easy as you make it from The Fabulous Rhinestones (1972)
Living on my own time from The Fabulous Rhinestones (1972)
Down to the city from Freewheelin' (1973)
Roots with you, girl from Freewheelin' (1973)
One time love from The Rhinestones (1975)
Party music from The Rhinestones (1975)
Another song for you from The Rhinestones (1975)

Faragher Bros
Never get your love behind me from Faragher Bros. (1976)
You touched me from Faragher Bros. (1976)
Never felt love before from Faragher Bros. (1976)
Life is love from Family Ties (1977)
Follow my heart from Family Ties (1977)
Baby when you make it with me from Open Your Eyes (1978)
Stay the night from Open Your Eyes (1978)

Far Cry
The hits just keep on comin' from The More Things Change... (1980)
Because it's there from The More Things Change... (1980)
It's not as simple as that from The More Things Change... (1980)

Sandy Farina
Takin' the easy way out from All Alone In The Night (1979)
Walkin' in the sunshine from All Alone In The Night (1979)

Mackey Feary
You're young from Macky Feary Band (1978)
Catherine from Macky Feary Band (1978)
A million stars from Macky Feary Band (1978)
It's okay from From The Heart (1979)
Summers end from From The Heart (1979)
I don't believe from From The Heart (1979)

Fonda Feingold
Fly from Fonda Feingold (1978)
Feelin' your love from Fonda Feingold (1978)
Would you mind too much? from Finally (1980)
Taking our own sweet time from Finally (1980)

James Felix
I Really Love You from White As Snow (1980)
Open Up from White As Snow (1980)

The Fifth Avenue Band
One way or the other from The Fifth Avenue Band (1969)
Eden rock from The Fifth Avenue Band (1969)
Look who's on fire now from Really (1990)
Out of the past from Really (1990)

Mike Finnigan
Just one minute more from Black & White (1978)
Can't keep a secret from Black & White (1978)

Just can't take it from Send A Little Love My Way (1979)
The only game in town from Send A Little Love My Way (1979)

Fools Gold
Coming out of hiding from Fools Gold (1976)
Rain, oh, rain from Fools Gold (1976)
Choices from Fools Gold (1976)
Sweet country air from Mr. Lucky (1977)
Runnin' and hidin' from Mr. Lucky (1977)
Where did our love go wrong from Mr. Lucky (1977)

Robben Ford
Standing on the outside from Love's a Heartache (1983)
Save your nights for me from Love's a Heartache (1983)
Me on the one side from Love's a Heartache (1983)

Where have you been all my life from Fotomaker (1978)
All there in her eyes from Fotomaker (1978)
Lose at love from Fotomaker (1978)

Funky Communication Committee
Baby I want you from Baby I Want You (1979)
Woman from Baby I Want You (1979)
That didn't hurt too bad from Baby I Want You (1979)
Give me a reason from Do You Believe in Magic (1980)
Don't hold back from Do You Believe in Magic (1980)
Let the love on through from Do You Believe in Magic (1980)

Funky Kings
So long from Funky Kings (1976)
Nothing was exchanged from Funky Kings (1976)
Let me go from Funky Kings (1976)
Help to guide me from Funky Kings (1976)


Fly away from This Star On Every Heel (1975)
Little darling from This Star On Every Heel (1975)
Sweet release from Sweet Release (1976)
Chain lightning from Sweet Release (1976)

Rob Galbraith
Just be you from Throw Me A Bone (1976)
I majored in jive from Throw Me A Bone (1976)
Damn it all from Throw Me A Bone (1976)
We'll always have Detroit from Too Long At The Fair (2004)
She aint my baby from Too Long At The Fair (2004)

Galdston & Thom
When the silence stops from American Gypsies (1977)
Savannah sunny sunday from American Gypsies (1977)

Peter Gallway
I had a friend from On the Bandstand (1978)
Liz from On the Bandstand (1978)
No other words from On the Bandstand (1978)

David Gates
Sight & Sound from First (1973)
Lorilee from First (1973)
Never let her go from Never Let Her Go (1975)
Playin' on my guitar from Never Let Her Go (1975)
Took the last train from Goodbye Girl (1978)
He don't know how to love you from Goodbye Girl (1978)
Can I call you from Falling In Love Again (1980)
Silky from Falling In Love Again (1980)
This could be forever from Take Me Now (1981)
Lady Valentine from Take Me Now (1981)
Avenue of love from Love Is Always Seventeen (1994)

Donny Gerrard
He's always somewhere around from Donny Gerrard (1976)
Greedy for your love from Donny Gerrard (1976)

Renée Geyer
Heading in the right direction from Moving Along (1977)
Be there in the morning from Moving Along (1977)

Mic Gillette
I like that from Ear Candy (2005)
How was I to know from Ear Candy (2005)

Andrew Gold
That's Why I love you from Andrew Gold (1975)
Heartaches in heartaches from Andrew Gold (1975)
Must be crazy from What's Wrong with This Picture? (1977)
One of them is me from What's Wrong with This Picture? (1977)
Thank you being a friend from All This and Heaven Too (1978)
Genevieve from All This and Heaven Too (1978)

Franne Golde
Do you want to be a dreamer (dream on) from Frannie Golde (1976)
Save me (I'm falling in love again) from Frannie Golde (1976)
Lovin' you (is a way of life) from Frannie (1979)
Here I go (fallin' in love again) from Frannie (1979)
What am I gonna do from Frannie (1979)

Tim Goodman
Fara from Footsteps (1981)
New Romeo from Footsteps (1981)
Tell your mama from Footsteps (1981)

Randy Goodrum
We're So Close from Fool's Paradise (1982)
One More Fool from Fool's Paradise (1982)
Savin' It Up from Fool's Paradise (1982)

Glenda Griffith
I can't dance from Glenda Griffith (1977)
Angel, spread your wings from Glenda Griffith (1977)
Quits from Glenda Griffith (1977)

Carmen Grillo
Love x love from Both Sides of the Coin (1997)
Come to a decision from Both Sides of the Coin (1997)

Greg Guidry
Goin' down from Over The Line (1982)
Show me your love from Over The Line (1982)
(I'm) Givin' it up from Over The Line (1982)


John Hall
Break of day from John Hall (1978)
Give me the right from John Hall (1978)
Home at last from Power (1979)
Power from Power (1979)

Lani Hall
Double or nothing from Double or Nothing (1979)
To know from Double or Nothing (1979)
Where's your angel? from Blush (1980)
Only you from Blush (1980)
Who's that guy? from Albany Park (1981)
Bad love from Albany Park (1981)

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds (Dennison)
Winners and losers from Fallin' In Love (1975)
Fallin' in love from Fallin' In Love (1975)
Don't fight the hands (that need you) from Love and Conversation (1976)
Love and conversation from Love and Conversation (1976)
Now that I've got you from Love and Conversation (1976)

Just Like You from Heat (1980)
This Love That We 've Found from Heat (1980)
Whatever It Is from Heat (1980)
Follow You Home from Still Waiting (1981)
Take Me There from Still Waiting (1981)

Finis Henderson
Lovers from Finis (1983)
You owe it all to love from Finis (1983)
Blame it on the night from Finis (1983)

Bruce Hibbard
Rescue me from A Light Within (1977)
All that I want to be from A Light Within (1977)
Peace from A Light Within (1977)
Never Turnin' Back from Never Turnin' Back (1980)
You're So Good To Me from Never Turnin' Back (1980)
Love Will Always Make A Way from Never Turnin' Back (1980)

Chris Hillman
Step on out from Slippin' Away (1976)
Slippin' away from Slippin' Away (1976)
Love is the sweetest amnesty from Slippin' Away (1976)
Nothing gets through from Clear Sailin' (1977)
Playing the fool from Clear Sailin' (1977)
Long long time from McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (1979)
Little mama from McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (1979)

Amy Holland
Here in the light from Amy Holland (1980)
Don't kid yourself from Amy Holland (1980)
I hang on your every word from On Your Every Word (1983)
You & I from On Your Every Word (1983)

I wanna do for you from Honk (1973)
Don't let your good bye stand from Honk (1973)
I wanna stay from Honk (1973)
Love ain't so common from Honk (1973)
Move me from Honk (1974)
Hesitation from Honk (1974)
You better do something from Honk (1974)
Where is love from Honk (1974)

Bill House
You're no better than a common thief from Give Me A Break (1974)
You're my what (I needed all along) from Give Me A Break (1974)
If I've won or if I've lost from Give Me A Break (1974)

Howdy Moon
Lovelight from Howdy Moon (1974)
Nora Lee from Howdy Moon (1974)
And you never knew from Howdy Moon (1974)


I fall in love everyday from Jaisun (1977)
No other arms from Jaisun (1977)
Closet man from Jaisun (1977)

James Walsh Gypsy Band
Bring yourself around from James Walsh Gypsy Band (1978)
Don't look back from James Walsh Gypsy Band (1978)
Cuz it's you, girl from James Walsh Gypsy Band (1978)

Scott Jarrett
Miles of sea from Without Rhyme Or Reason (1980)
I was a fool from Without Rhyme Or Reason (1980)
On looking back from Without Rhyme Or Reason (1980)

Joe and Bing
Walking out on yesterday (Daybreak) from Daybreak (1971)
It's ok from Daybreak (1971)
Summer sound from Daybreak (1971)
Barnstormer from Joe and Bing (1976)
Oh Elizabeth from Joe and Bing (1976)
You didn't have to go from Joe and Bing (1976)

Robert John
That's what keeps us together from Robert John (1979)
Am I ever gonna hold you again from Robert John (1979)

Al Johnson
I'm back for more from Back For More (1980)
I've got my second wind from Back For More (1980)

Jolis & Simone
Just a little love from Jolis & Simone (1979)
So shy from Jolis & Simone (1979)
Roundabout midnight from Jolis & Simone (1979)

Booker T. Jones
I'll put some love (back in your life) from Try and Love Again (1978)
Superlove from Try and Love Again (1978)
You got me spinnin' from The Best of You (1980)
The best of you from The Best of You (1980)
I want you from I Want You (1981)
You're the best from I Want You (1981)

Marc Jordan
Mystery man from Mannequin (1978)
Dancing on the boardwalk from Mannequin (1978)
Only fools from Mannequin (1978)
Beautiful people from Blue Desert (1979)
Lost in the hurrah from Blue Desert (1979)
You found out from Arista single (1981)
Spanish town from Arista single (1981)
Margarita from A Hole in the Wall (1983)
Where did we go wrong from A Hole in the Wall (1983)


The hurt from Kalapana (1975)
All I want from Kalapana (1975)
Love em from Kalapana II (1976)
Way that I want it to be from Kalapana II (1976)
Up to you from Kalapana III (1977)

Let's go now from Stand in the Light (1981)
Firelove from Stand in the Light (1981)

Billy Kaui
Close to you from Billy Kaui (1977)
Asking for a night from Billy Kaui (1977)
Words to a song from Billy Kaui (1977)

Thomas Jefferson Kaye
Easy kind of feeling from First Grade (1974)
Say that you love me from First Grade (1974)

Eric Kaz
Cruel wind from If You're Lonely (1972)
If you're lonely from If You're Lonely (1972)
Good as it can be from Cul-De-Sac (1974)
Come with me from Cul-De-Sac (1974)

Casey Kelly
Silver meteor from Casey Kelly (1972)
Making believe from Casey Kelly (1972)
Airport song from For Sale (1974)
Reach out for me from For Sale (1974)

Richard Kerr
More than that from Richard Kerr (1976)
Best for last from Richard Kerr (1976)
I can't afford that feeling anymore from Welcome to the Club (1978)
Live my love for you from Welcome to the Club (1978)
Free from No looking Back (1982)

Steve Kipner
School of broken heart from Knock The Walls Down (1979)
Love is its own reward from Knock The Walls Down (1979)
Cryin' out for love from Knock The Walls Down (1979)

Fred Knoblock
Why not me from Why Not Me (1980)
A bigger fool from Why Not Me (1980)
Love isn't easy from Why Not Me (1980)
Steel feel the same way from Why Not Me (1980)


Corky Laing
Makin' it on the street
Two places at one time
See me through

Dennis Lambert
Ashes to ashes from Bags & Things (1972)
Somebody found her (before I lost her) from Bags & Things (1972)

Mike Lundy
Love one another from The Rhythm Of Life (1980)
Tropic lighting from The Rhythm Of Life (1980)
The rhythm of life from The Rhythm Of Life (1980)

Elliot Lurie
I think I'm fallin' from Elliot Lurie (1975)
My baby is a lady from Elliot Lurie (1975)
Happy from Elliot Lurie (1975)


Bobby Martin
Bringing out the man in me from Bobby Martin (1983)
Is that all you get from a broken heart from Bobby Martin (1983)
No strings attached from Bobby Martin (1983)
Don't give up from Bobby Martin (1983)

Johnny Mathis
Simple from A Special Part Of Me (1984)
The best is yet to come from A Special Part Of Me (1984)
Love never felt so good from A Special Part Of Me (1984)
Touch by touch from Right From The Heart (1985)
Falling in love from Right From The Heart (1985)

David McCluskey
What you're doin' to me from A Long Time Coming (1978)
A long time coming from A Long Time Coming (1978)
Let me be alone from A Long Time Coming (1978)

Taffy McElroy
Who's that look in your eye from The Heartbreak Kid (1981)
When it's gone from The Heartbreak Kid (1981)
What's on you mind from The Heartbreak Kid (1981)

Jack McMahon
Don't look back from Better Late (1982)
On the ledge from Better Late (1982)
Fakin' romance from Better Late (1982)
What kind of fool from Better Late (1982)

Rob Mehl
House on the rock from Taste and See (1980)
Overboard from Taste and See (1980)
Taste and see from Taste and See (1980)

Set your mind from The New Has Come (1976)
Bringin' the message from Bringin' The Message (1978)
Livin' in love from Bringin' The Message (1978)

Bruce Miller
Summer of our love from Rude Awakening (1975)
Rude awakening from Rude Awakening (1975)

Ladies on the stage from Ladies on the Stage (1978)
Love brought us together from Ladies on the Stage (1978)
How can I make it better from Ladies on the Stage (1978)

Adam Mitchell
Fool for love from Redhead In Trouble (1979)
Higher ground from Redhead In Trouble (1979)
Doctor doctor from Redhead In Trouble (1979)

Katy Moffatt
Kissin' in the California sun from Kissin' In The California Sun (1977)
Um-um-um-um-um-um from Kissin' In The California Sun (1977)

Kevin Moore
I intend to love you from Rainmaker (1980)
Break down the walls from Rainmaker (1980)
The way you hold me from Rainmaker (1980)


Newborn highway from Listen (1977)
About you from Listen (1977)
Runaway from Straight To The Heart (1978)
Mystery from Straight To The Heart (1978)

Night Plane
Night plane from Night Plane (1982)
Don't be fool from Night Plane (1982)

All about love from Niteflyte (1979)
If you want it from Niteflyte (1979)
You are from Niteflyte II (1981)
You're breaking my heart from Niteflyte II (1981)


Nigel Olsson
A little bit of soap from Nigel (1979)
You know I'll always love you from Nigel (1979)
Dancin' shoes from Nigel (1979)
If you don't want me to from Changing Tides (1980)
Showdown from Changing Tides (1980)

Michael Omartian
Jeremiah from White Horse (1974)
Fat city from White Horse (1974)
Silver fish from White Horse (1974)
Ain't you glad from Onward (1975) / Adam Again (1976)
See this house from Onward (1975) / Adam Again (1976)
Watcher sign from Onward (1975) / Adam Again (1976)


Leslie Pearl
Let's go to bed early and stay up all night from Words & Music (1982)
You never gave up on me from Words & Music (1982)
Look before you love from Words & Music (1982)

Greg Phillinganes
Girl talk from Significant Gains (1981)
Baby, I do love you from Significant Gains (1981)

Pierce Arrow
I love you more each day from Pierce Arrow (1977)
If I could be with you from Pierce Arrow (1977)
Hot summer night from Pierce Arrow (1977)

Lady from Puzzle (1973)
You make me happy from Puzzle (1973)
Mary, Mary from The Second Album (1974)
State of mind from The Second Album (1974)
My love from The Second Album (1974)


Dave Raynor
The way it used to be from Rain or Shine (1980)
Leave me alone tonight from Rain or Shine (1980)

Rhythm Heritage
Disco-fied from Disco-Fied (1976)
Dance the night away from Last Night on Earth (1977)
Disco queen from Last Night on Earth (1977)
Sail away with me from Sky's The Limit (1978)
Language of love from Sky's The Limit (1978)
Holdin' out (for your love) from Sky's The Limit (1978)

Turley Richards
I will from West Virginia Superstar (1976)
Happy from West Virginia Superstar (1976)
You might need somebody from Therfu (1979)
When I lose my way from Therfu (1979)

David Roberts
Too good to last from All Dressed Up (1982)
Boys of autumn from All Dressed Up (1982)
Wrong side of the tracks from All Dressed Up (1982)

Jess Roden
Prime time love from Stonechaser (1980)
Brand new start from Stonechaser (1980)
Believe in me from Stonechaser (1980)

Craig Ruhnke
I need my woman's love from Sweet Feelings (1975)
We're two lucky people from Sweet Feelings (1975)
Georgia from Hot Spell (1976)
Make me feel the music from Hot Spell (1976)
You are the light from The Craig Ruhnke Band (1979)
Baby blue from Just Like The Old Times (1982)
Reach out from Just Like The Old Times (1982)
Keep the flame from True Love (1983) and Keep The Flame (1984)
Give me the nightime from True Love (1983) and Keep The Flame (1984)


Evie Sands
Love in the afternoon from Estate of Mind (1975)
Yesterday can't hurt me from Estate of Mind (1975)
I love makin' love to you from Estate of Mind (1975)
Lady of the night from Suspended Animation (1979)
Take a little love from Suspended Animation (1979)
You can't do it from Suspended Animation (1979)

Jim Schmidt
Love has taken it all away from Something Right (1983)
Somethin' right from Something Right (1983)
Serious from Something Right (1983)

Nancy Shanx
Where did you come from? from Nancy Shanx (1977)
Ready to fall in love again from Nancy Shanx (1977)
For imagination sake from Nancy Shanx (1977)

Janis Siegel
All the love in the world from Experiment in White (1982)
Lovin' eyes from Experiment in White (1982)

No wonder from Silver (1976)
It's gonna be alright from Silver (1976)
Climbing from Silver (1976)

Patrick Simmons
Why you givin' up from Arcade (1983)
If you want a little love from Arcade (1983)
Have you seen her from Arcade (1983)

Woody Simmons
Grey today from Oregon Mountains (1977)
Mockingbird from Oregon Mountains (1977)
Too good to be from Woody Simmons (1980)
It don't rain from Woody Simmons (1980)
Sleepin' out from Woody Simmons (1980)

What would I do without you from Skylark (1972)
The writing's on the wall from Skylark (1972)
Wildflower from Skylark (1972)
If that's the way you want it from Skylark 2 (1974)

Leslie Smith
Before the night is over from Heartache (1982)
Dream on from Heartache (1982)

William D. Smith
Sweetie pie from Smitty (1978)
Where did you come from from Smitty (1978)
Waiting just for you from Smitty (1978)

Just not a fool from Spellbound (1978)
The eyes of Mary from Spellbound (1978)
The best is yet to come from Spellbound (1978)

S.S. Fools
First things first from S.S. Fools (1976)
Tearbanks from S.S. Fools (1976)
I just love the feelin' from S.S. Fools (1976)

Showdown from Homebrew (1976)
Little bit of human kindness from Homebrew (1976)
Burnin' over you from Starwood (1977)
Give a little bit from Starwood (1977)

Dianne Steinberg
Fantasy come true from Universal Child (1977)
Baby I'm yours from Universal Child (1977)

Hamish Stuart
Makin' it up from Sooner or Later (2000)
It is what it is from Sooner or Later (2000)
Once there was love from Sooner or Later (2000)

Phillip Francis Stumpo
Don't hold back your loving from One Man Circus (1978)
Pamela from One Man Circus (1978)
Just a matter of time from One Man Circus (1978)

So much love from For the Love of Music (1976)
We all need one other from For the Love of Music (1976)
Bush walkin' from Best Kept Secret (1978)
Look at me from Best Kept Secret (1978)
The colours of your love from Part of It All (1979)
Live it on up from Part of It All (1979)
Sit down and talk about it from Part of It All (1979)

New years eve 1976 from In Malibu (1976)
Understanding to the man from In Malibu (1976)
Love will forget from In Malibu (1976)
I can't stop thinking about 'cha from Weekends On Malibu (1979)
I've been there too from Weekends On Malibu (1979)
You're making it easy from Weekends On Malibu (1979)


Tender Leaf
Beautiful Hawaii Kai from Tender Leaf (1982)
Countriside beauty from Tender Leaf (1982)
Shores of Makapuu from Tender Leaf (1982)

Ali Thomson
Take a little rhythm from Take A Little Rhythm (1980)
Jamie from Take A Little Rhythm (1980)
Safe and warm from Deception Is An Art (1981)
Foolish child from Deception Is An Art (1981)

Jimmy Thudpucker
Take your life from Greatest Hits (1977)
I don't know my love from Greatest Hits (1977)
Ginny's song from Greatest Hits (1977)

If it's good lovin' from Hit It Again (1977)
Soon come again from Hit It Again (1977)

Tufano & Giammarese
Nigth rider from The Other Side (1977)
I'm in love with you now from The Other Side (1977)


John Valenti
I wrote this song for you from Anything You Want (1976)
Time after time from Anything You Want (1976)
Why don't we fall in love from Anything You Want (1976)
Did she mention me from I Won't Change (1981)
Best for you from I Won't Change (1981)
I won't change from I Won't Change (1981)

James Vincent
Drifting into love from Space Traveler (1976)
How I'm gonna miss you from Space Traveler (1976)
What does it profit a man? from Waiting for the Rain (1978)
How can I thank you enough from Waiting for the Rain (1978)
You'll be right there from Enter In (1980)
Take my life from Enter In (1980)

Voudouris & Kahne
Lying to me you from There's a Secret Goin' On (1975)
Time is love from There's a Secret Goin' On (1975)
Sidney from There's a Secret Goin' On (1975)
Street player from Street Player (1976)
Wonder of wonders from Street Player (1976)
It will happen with us from Street Player (1976)


Ira Watson
Shining Star from Shining Star (1982)
Nobody But Jesus from Shining Star (1982)
Breakin' Away from Shining Star (1982)

White Horse
It doesn't take much from White Horse (1977)
Over and done with from White Horse (1977)

Kelly Willard
A friend so true from Blame It On The One I Love (1979)
Blame it on the one I love from Blame It On The One I Love (1979)
Comfortable with you from Willing Heart (1981)
Hold on from Willing Heart (1981)

David Williams
When your dreams come true from Take The Ball And Run (1983)
Let it be you from Take The Ball And Run (1983)
I don't want to say goodbye from Take The Ball And Run (1983)

Allee Willis
I have from Childstar (1974)
I don't know how from Childstar (1974)
Who you gonna be from Childstar (1974)